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basilisco/ basilisk/ василиск (or how to run on water)

F.Ariaudo. Graphic design Friends Make Books (Turin). 144 pages, Italian/ English/ Russian. Viaindustirae publishing, COLLI Publishing Platform, 2018.

The book is the very basis for a broader discussion about the challenges of transforming anything that appears impossible to accomplish by human beings into something feasible, just by shifting the point of view. It is a guide/vademecum with instructions concerning the possibility of running on the water from different perspectives and multidisciplinary fields: when, how and in what way is the image of walking on water in different religions used and expressed at the theological level? What animal species are able to perform this action and in which particular conditions are they forced to do it? What are the physical forces put in place and what are the prerequisites that would allow a person to run on water? 

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