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Derby project starts from the analysis of the Polish Elana’s and Apator’s conflict - the two main former factory clubs of the city of Torun,Poland. Dating from 90s this unusual crash marks the basic class related conflict in Torun. Starting from communist past and amongst many adventures in commercialization, two clubs (and their fandom) became something of litmus paper of polish karaoke-capitalism. After extended research, I’ve came with the proposal of the ”third” team for Torun (Derby). Starting from zero-representation warp of diy club paraphernalia as well as the new surge of ”patriotic outfits”, I’ve proposed entirely new, and completely ”phantomatic” sports indefication for Torun.

Performative project at Kulturhauz’s New Urban Archeology, July 2016, Torun, Poland. Curated by Krzysztof Gutfrański.

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