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Faster Than Christ

Faster than Christ is a broad research, an artistic and theo-philosophical challenge, of transforming what seems impossible to achieve for human beings into something plausible, by shifting the point of view into other “domains”. The project-exhibition in particular focuses on the paradigm “how to run on water” transforming the biblical topic into a sculptural plastic series, a specific installation in the gallery space that generates “techno-gymnastic” objects and multiples.
The exhibition is accompanied by the artist’s book “Basilisco, or how to run on water” published by the Colli gallery, Viaindustriae publishing with the graphic design of Friends Make Books.

Solo show at COLLI Independent art gallery, project-room #7, opening 01/03/2019-10/10/2015, curated by Sergey Kantsedal.

Faster than Christ, font Sporty by Aless
Franco Ariaudo, training session #3, 201
2. Water Shoes, 2019, mixed media, sculp
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