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Il Giornale Ideale

Il Giornale Ideale (The Ideal Journal) is a publication in the form of a common newspaper where anyone can publish their own “ideal” news. It isn't periodical issue but a context specific  project. On this newspaper contributors can publish the news they would like to find written in their trustworthy daily newspaper.

Artist book, digital print, 2017 > ONGOING

- FILTRIFEST issue, Torino, October 2017, 8 pages, 150 copies, digital print
- Edicola Radetzky issue, Milan, January 2018, 16 pages, 100 copies, digital print
- Chiaravalle issue,  Milan, November 2018, 16 pages, 500 copies, offset print
- Via Arquata issue, Turin, March 2023, 20 pages, 500 copies, offset print 


ph Cosimo Maffione


ph Cosimo Maffione


ph Cosimo Maffione

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