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Logos Tu Stauros

The project titled Logos tu Stauros , is born and revolves around an impressive , historical and degraded cross at the top of the Dòs de le Barbine :  semi-abandoned  headland adjacent to the center of Vione, which, surrounded by contradictory narratives, summed up a stratification of significant stories of the past of the valley and of the inhabitans. Accepted almost by habit , the cross was rooted in the imagination and memory of people as a scenic element to outline scenes that occurred in that place, with both religious and social significance . The project started from a process of subtraction of the cross: starting from a landscape that almost rejects that element, the artist tries to bring it into a process of transformation and dispersion.
During the project, between 2011 and 2012 , the cross was removed and divided into many fragments by the artist as many as the number of the inhabitants of the village of Vione. These parts , transformed into relics , have been blessed and delivered to the public on May 26, 2012, during the Sunday mass ,  entering into a process of re- sacralization . A main relic was donated to the parish and is visible inside the Basilica of Vione.
Through the removal of the cross is thus triggered a relational dynamic of symbolic restitution , with the aim of giving the opportunity to the people of Vione to be guardians all equally of an object symbol , a witness to history at the same time intimate and collective.

2011-2012, action, installation
a project realyzed for Aperto 2011_art ion the borders, Vione (BS)

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