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Mundaj Public Gym Gear

Mundaj Public Gym Gear (MPGG) consists of an installation in a public space, and it’s modelled on a sort of sports equipment used for athletic exercise. MPGG takes the form of a ludic machine: at once accessible and usable, but also useless. Infact the artwork/equipment is designed for muscle strengthening for the purposes of roasting chestnuts, fruit associated with the city of Cuneo (Italy) and its National Chestnut Fair. In this way, the project distorts and emphasizes the (phisical and social) muscolarity of Cuneo’s best-known event. Reflecting on the subtle boundaries that separate tradition and contemporaneity, the artwork ironically prepares future generation of “mundajè” [chestnut-roasters] for roasting chestnuts. In so doing, the project takes a practice that is not competitive in nature to its most extreme physical levels.

2014, installation, iron, powder coating

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