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The Pitcher

The Pitcher is a themed exhibition, conceived and realized in the project-room 2 at COLLI independent art gallery. Franco Ariaudo, following previous researches, explores the ambiguity of a specific human gesture: launching. In order to do it, he places this action at the interception between different disciplines and approaches. It is at the limit between sport and revolt that this gesture acquires the deepest uncertainty. However, the artist prefers not to show the simple formal affinities that exist between the athletepitcher and the rioter-pitcher, he strives instead to show the common physiological root. After stripping and decontextualizing the action and reducing the object of the launch to pure form, the artist shows how a single movement, in different contexts, can charge itself with diametrically opposed meanings. The polarity of sport-revolt is finding the balance point in the analysis of anatomical gesture, a careful examination of its internal logic and its chronological sequence. In order to develop this project with “purification” and “abstraction”, Franco Ariaudo created a working group with specific skills, involving the curator (already interested in the relationship between art and science), illustrator Marco Fanuli specializing in anatomical design, baseball coach and “pitcher“ Ramon Rodríguez Fernández, director Claudio Malpede and photographer Francesco Del Conte. The team centered in the exchange of expertise and ideas, is the supporting character of each Franco Ariaudo work.

Solo show at COLLI Independent art gallery, project-room #2, 23/10-10/10/2015, curated by di Fabio Cafagna.

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