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The Art Pacemaker

The Art Pacemaker is a “race of the art”, a guided tour of the galleries, foundations, non-profit spaces and museums in a specific city, a collective performance organized along the lines of an ordinary foot race (race package to the participants, refreshments, sponging, pasta party on arrival). The performance moves between the sites of contemporary artistic culture by alternating visits to the race. For each place visited, gallery or museum, the focus of the attention is on a single artwork, where the artist introduces it to the participants. During these stops, as needed, are made simple exercises to loosen the muscles, breath or refresh. The rapid movements and dwell in a targeted manner from time to time on a single work, are aiming to achieve for the participants the feeling, once the race finish, they have not visited many places, but one big place of culture, as a museum expanded , reversing the sense of fragmentation between the individual locations.

2012-2022, performance
Rome, Cosenza, Milan, Savona

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